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  • Challenge yourself in the company of other like-minded, non-judgemental, body positive women and non-binary folks, not to talk about diets or weightloss, but to celebrate you as a person, in the body you are moving in today.
  • Join hikes where you don’t have to worry about coming last, or being too slow.  Our leaders all lead from the back, and we walk at the pace of the slowest person.
  • Make yourself accountable in the community to achieve goals you never thought possible.
  • Get excited about staying active. Regular adventures let you socialise and explore amazing landscapes, rather than dreading the monotony of going to the gym.
  • Research shows that just being in nature can improve mood, reduce pain and anxiety, and even speed up healing.


If you do a google search on images of hikers you will see a common theme.  Mostly white, mostly in slim bodies.  Mostly young.  Mostly going a long way.  Mostly doing it quickly.  In fact I just counted, and there is not one bigger body represented in the top 100 images on google.

Escaping Your Comfort Zone is on a mission to show people that you do not have to have a “certain” body to be outdoorsy or adventurous.  In fact you simply need a body.  You do not have to go far or go fast to be adventurous.  You simply need to go.

We are firm believers in “You cannot be what you cannot see”, and we are showing that all people in all bodies belong in the outdoors.

We lead 8-10 beginner hikes per week, across Victoria and the ACT.  Our groups are small, and slow paced, always at the pace of the slowest person.


  • You join one of our free Escapee Body Positive Hiking Facebook Groups in your area.
  • You interact online with your new community, and watch as others share their amazing adventures, and get inspired to join us yourself
  • We list all of our regular events on our Meetup pages.
  • You can choose to become a yearly or monthly member, or jus come along on a casual basis.  There is a small cost to cover insurance and administration.
  • You meet some amazing like-minded people, and love the feeling you get from being in the outdoors, with new friends.
  • Commit to a goal and be held accountable by the community.  Climb Mt Kilimanjaro or hike the Great Wall of China, enter a beginner triathlon, or try out Parkrun, the options are limitless.  Or just come hiking, that is awesome enough!
Jess M
Jul 2020

It only took two hikes for me to know that this was my kind of group!! The walks are always filled with laughs and words of encouragement to see you through to the end of the hike (even when my brain says no more!!).

I honestly look forward to every hike and get a huge boost with each that I accomplish!

I can’t wait to continue exploring not only the great hiking locations with this great group, but my own strengths and abilities!


I’m Richelle Olsen. I’m an Aussie 30-something (update, I’ve clocked over into 40 something!), I’m plus sized, and I’ve had an adventure or two in my life!  I’ve cycled offroad from Canada to Mexico, and  agreed to hike to Everest Base Camp without even liking walking one block.  I’ve dived with great white sharks with the cage open, solo bike toured around Scotland, Germany and Italy and taken my kayak to Norway to solo camp and paddle the fjords.

But I’m just an everyday woman, I’m not overly fit, but I love the outdoors, and I want to inspire and support other people to experience what I have, without limits. You don’t need to be fit, you don’t need to “look the part”, it doesn’t matter what size you are, all you need is a sense of adventure, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

I’ve been lucky to have a team of amazing family and friends behind me, believing in me, and telling me I can.  So now I want to be the cheerleader for others

I believe strong people are the ones building each other up, not tearing each other down, so I’ve created a community where you can meet people like you. The special ones who understand the challenges you face, who can inspire you, and who you can inspire. All over the world.  I’d love for you to join me!


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