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  • Challenge yourself in the company of other like-minded, non-judgemental plus size women, women who understand your challenges and your problems.
  • Make yourself accountable in the community to achieve goals you never thought possible.
  • Get excited about staying active. Regular adventures let you socialise and explore amazing landscapes, rather than dreading the monotony of going to the gym.
  • Research shows that just being in nature can improve mood, reduce pain and anxiety, and even speed up healing.


  • The only plus size women’s community dedicated to exploring the great outdoors, and supporting and nurturing women to be the best version of themselves
  • Regular weekly group hikes specifically for plus size women
  • Plus Size bucket list trips.  Connect with women from all over the world with the same goals as you, and reach your goals together.  Whether you want to hike to Everest Base Camp or swim with sharks, there will be a trip for you.


  • You join a one of our free Escapee Body Positive Hiking Facebook Groups in your area.
  • You meet some amazing like-minded women, and love the feeling you get from being in the outdoors.
  • We list our regular CLUB events on our Meetup page (Melbourne and Geelong only)
  • You can list your own events in the group too.  Want to find women to walk in your local park with on a Friday morning?  Post up an event, and make some new mates!
  • Commit to a goal and be held accountable by the community.  Climb Mt Kilimanjaro or hike the Great Wall of China, enter a beginner triathlon, or try out Parkrun, the options are limitless.

Richelle is on a mission to create opportunities for plus-size women to come together in a safe, judgment free environment. She wants to show all of us that we are capable of so much more than we imagine, and that physical pursuits aren’t just for the thin. It’s a world changing concept.

Lauren Beckett Life Coach at Drop the Struggle Apr 2016


I’m Richelle Olsen. I’m an Aussie 30-something, I’m plus sized, and I’ve had an adventure or two in my life!

But I’m just an everyday woman, I’m not overly fit, but I love the outdoors, and I want to inspire and support other plus sized girls to experience what I have, without limits. You don’t need to be fit, you don’t need to “look the part”, it doesn’t matter what size you are, all you need is a sense of adventure, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

I believe strong women are the ones building each other up, not tearing each other down, so I’m creating a community where you can meet women like you. Women who understand the challenges you face. Women who can inspire you, and women who you can inspire. All over the world.  I’d love for you to join me!


Try an adventure! Join Me